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Thread: Good massage place in Burnaby

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    Good massage place in Burnaby

    Hi fellow perbites, please share any spot in Burnaby that does decent massage (the one without happy ending). There used to be one on the 11th floor of Radisson Hotel in Richmond on Cambie and No 3 Rd that I loved. Especially when you can get the 10 sessions package for $500 and the facility was awesome as well. Too bad they closed down. Thank you in advance.

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    Win feet on Kingsway around Imperial street. Lady named Angela does real massage. Some stretching included. Very experienced. My favorite at the moment in Burnaby. Place is really quiet.

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    Eva or Vivi
    Just tell them strict massage only
    Both of them to me are semi pro

    Sammy is very good as well and she’s no extras

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    Thanks again for the inputs. However I'm looking for places that can produce receipt as I will be claiming it as company expenses

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    There's a guy, Brad, just off Kingsway on Grimmer street who works out of an chiropractor joint. The chiropractor, Dr Leung, is so-so, but Brad is a top notch RMT.

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