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Thread: Victoria - **INCALLS** 180hh. 120h. 80 S&S.

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    Victoria - **INCALLS** 180hh. 120h. 80 S&S.

    Right on! The hour is cheaper than the half hour.

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    I've always wondered why since this lady has posted. Why we haven't seen any reviews about her is she legit. What was stopping me before was she didn't do incalls. I do hope to see a review soon. I would toftt but I've lost to much money in that part of all this. Hope to see one soon. Pm me if u have any details about her.

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    Maybe a lure? The balance of the ad is $180 H.
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    That's what I had been thinking. Plus the times she use to post was super late. Not my cup of tea. Was that time of night when the only decisions made were bad ones. Hahahaha. Will be interesting to see though. I had kinda started to think it was L.E.

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    No, I took it as a mistake as well. Along with the "DSL Lips", LOL.

    Back when she first started advertising, there was a review on EB from Calgary of her (I think that's where she was before). It wasn't a favorable review, so yeah until there's something more positive, I'm not taking the plunge.

    Edit: Here's the EB link:!/calgary...732210/7510176

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