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Thread: Sloane @ BOA

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    Sloane @ BOA

    Having been about a month from my last visit to an SP, (see Reyna review) I decided it was time to have some fun after being away. Having learned Sloane was formally Cameron Diablo, whom I'd hoped to see years ago but never did, despite almost arranging a Duo with her and Emmy back then. I was a bit hesitant going to a new Agency, but he who dares wins. I setup a 1 hour appointment via text quite easily much to my relief, and received all the needed info. I arrived 5 min early and she was waiting for me in the suite. Wow, is all I can say. I should of booked that duo when I had the chance! Still, on her own she was amazing. Tall, long brunette hair, great body. Much hotter than those photo's let on. Had a great conversation in between playing, I Won't go into details about the tryst, but everything was amazing. I'm fighting the urge to go see her again as soon as she is available, But it seems doubtful.

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    She is the most amazing. Does anyone know what happens to her? She is no longer on BOA roster.

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    She's taking a break. was hoping to see her on the regular.

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