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    On the plus side, her pictures on LL are accurate. She is a petit young lady who keeps herself in good shape. She delivers the services exactly as described on her LL listing and on her website.

    Her incall is on a very busy street, and the door practically opens onto the sidewalk. Buffy texted that she was running late by 30 minutes, which was fine because I hadn't parked yet. So I arrive 30 minutes later and text...and wait. This time I am waiting on the busy street which kind of sucks, since I don't have any explanation if I were to be seen there. So I go for a stroll, and wait about 10 minutes. She finally responds and has to come down to meet me. This is a real turn off for me, instead of the (hopefully) pleasant surprise of opening an apartment door and being greeted by a scantily-clad woman.

    Her apartment is reasonably clean. She takes me into her bedroom and cranks up some music, loud enough to make conversation non-essential. She starts her little dance routine and rubs her rather nice butt in my crotch. So far so good. She helps me get undressed, and then more dancing. It goes on for a bit too long. Then she tells me we are going to have a shower together. This too is pretty good, although also goes on too long. Finally we are on the bed and I am getting a very unenthusiastic BBJ. She then abruptly stops and takes out a large vibrator. She seems to be enjoying herself, but its hard to tell. I try stroking my cock but by this time, all I have in my hand is a limp reminder that I would rather be doing something else like washing my car. Finally she finishes and we do some lackluster fucking. I manage to cum, but I had to fantasize I was with an SP that had some skill and enthusiasm.

    I suspect this young lady just doesn't have the experience to really know how to please a guy. Obviously not a repeat for me.

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    Oh, what a drag. She looks like a total smoke show in her ad, shame her heart wasn’t in it.

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    I also made the mistake of seeing her, but at the time there were no reviews so it was TOFTT. Yep not the best location with no parking on the street, only a block away. Then the door so close to the road, and all the construction across the street. I too, had to wait, prolly to give BF and dog time to get to the back parking lot. Maybe I am missing something but I don't get why she has to come down to the door. I noted right away she had to count the donation, but at least she did it discreetly. BBBJ I rated at a -3 .... yes that's a minus three. My thoughts are she is not into older guys.

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    Yeah I had a similar experience, nice ass , grind dance was good, thought the lack of motivation was from first meeting, and was only in for a quicky, but sounds like I got the norm anyway.

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    Good thing I didn't see this thread otherwise I wouldn't have seen her. Yes, she doesn't seem that interested in her work but what a body! I know how to adapt to each SP and knew there wasn't going to be any intimacy - but who cares, she's not my girlfriend and I'm only there for one thing. The BBBJ started out lackluster, as mentioned here, but after a few suggestions it improved significantly. She then twerked that great ass on me, all the while keeping fairly quiet. I love that. Mish was going to be out since I require eye contact and arms around me and such - otherwise it's the lamest of positions. She wasn't going to deliver on that. So I asked her to bend over for standing doggy. It went just the way I like it: no movement from her and fairly silent so I can really focus on her ass and body. Nice and slow for a long while and fast finish. Good hh session. Big GQ left happy.

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    I’m going to start my own thread with a short review. I had a different experience, wasn’t even going to write a review, but want to just share my own experience as it’s slightly different.

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