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Thread: When the Cover is Better than the Original...part 2

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    What makes a good man?
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    Better than Freddie Mercury's original, especially powerful during the last minute. Prove me wrong.

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    What makes a good man?
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    Quote Originally Posted by firecracker-84 View Post
    Though Prince did write it, he didn't release a version till 2002. Technically, he's covering his own song...

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    I never liked "Save Tonight" by Eagle Eye Cherry when it came out, but really enjoyed this cover.

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    Janis Joplin/Big Brother & The Holding Company ,does Jazz Diva Ella Fitzgerald's,"Summertime".
    Some music writers say this song featured the first,"electric guitar solo" running from 2:10-2:38.
    I just love the way the raging distortion electric guitar solo,is drawn to its' close,with ethereal clear high notes.

    I made a point of listening to Ella Fitzgeralds',"Summertime" and found it quite bland.
    Whereas Billie Holidays',"Strange Fruit" was not done much favor by UB40,later in the 1980s'.

    Engelbert Humperdink

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    My daughter turned me onto this one, just love the harder edge to it.

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    I like this one too .

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    See if you can spot this one. A Tribute to those who know Just Cause III.

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    Try and top this !

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