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Thread: Nanaimo sucks

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    I’ll be there August 24th for one afternoon/evening ..Hopefully I can brighten some Nanaimo gentlemen’s day
    It’s a tough town that’s for sure .. pretty intimidating “rougher crowd” which does keep some of us away .

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    I gotta... just gotta... put my 2 cents worth in here too... I travel both to Victoria, Nanaimo and places in between. There are just as many more than nice.. and some not so nice ladies in both, Victoria, Duncan and Nanaimo. Ladies I have seen and had a great time with in Nanaimo... Priya, Lalani, Lady Vanessa, Lynne, Kristina, Sasha and Hannah. I am sure there are more outside my experiences. Despite some negative reports on some I find it is amazing that I really enjoyed my time with many of the ladies in Nanaimo. I have had a cpl of not so good experiences as well in Nanaimo but this has happened in Victoria and in Vancouver as well.
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    Did someone say VIP lifestyle party? :-)

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    Pretty Priya is great to spend time with , a killer body and great sense of humour and an adventuresome spirit. You can't go wrong spending
    time with her and we had a great rendezvous in Victoria that was awesome. I have seen her more than once and it gets better every time.

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    Thank you my good sirs.
    (And ladies too...not to forget the lovely ladies!)
    Thank you for showing me Im wrong.
    Lots of good recommendations of some classy ladies.
    The search continues.....

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    And yes....this "VIP party" is something I must know more about!

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    I spend two days in Nanaimo last week which included a trip to Tofino. Really enjoyed a bbq on the beach but the weather wasn't great for swimming but I did get a few hours of Kayaking in. Fun couple days then I went to Victoria for a day.

    Maybe some weekend I will go back to both Nanaimo and Victoria for a few days and do a mini tour

    All tipoes and misspelings are copi-righted. Pleeze do nut reuse witout ritten persimmons

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    I would like to meet you Riza. Im only available weekend nights in Nanaimo

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    I've only settled for less because that's all I could get - when you gotta vagina and only a couple bills to spare, the selection becomes limited... Thus I just do the best I can with what I have, but don't stoop to my level and favor Logan and Kali over the other skids that roam the Nanaimo-outback wasting our time and money on the regular. Pack it up, head to Vic, grab a gal like Lucy Luxe.. She has been on the top of my list for awhile, but restrictions have stopped me from pursuing. My expectations for the ideal SP are set much too high for even myself to reach, but if I could, I'd definitely indulge in all the VicDirty outback has to offer. Just my two cents *cling* right in ye hat!

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