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Thread: a couple CL reviews, Athena, Jenny

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    a couple CL reviews, Athena, Jenny

    Hello again fellow hobbyists,

    The glide is in the fair city of Victoria. I saw Athena my first night. Very sweet and very new (in my admittedly still somewhat limited experience). I have to agree with Hipster that she is highly recommendable. She had no condoms though and had to fetch one from the waiting room that I was shown to before she arrived. She said that Bjs were "out" since she had none of the 'special' condoms for that but she would lick it around the edges, just not put it in her mouth. Sounded good to me. She licked the side a little and then said "ok, I'm done". This wouldn't have been very cool, except that she is really cute and I liked her sassy attitude. She rode for a while and then we switched. She made me feel big since she seemed to be having a hard time taking my length. I'd rather be thick. Anyway, I pumped her for most of my hour (I saw to SPs in Vancouver the previous 2 nights and was now able to control myself a little better). She suggested doggie, but I was worried that I might be running out of time and wanted to finish on top (wish I had given it a go now). She initiated a little bit of light mouth kissing in the throes, I finished and we chatted. All-in-all a delight, 7.5/8/8.

    Next night I was treated to quite a contrast. Jenny is likely a bit older than the 19 I was told on the phone. She has a tongue piercing and several tattoos. She went right to work on me and seemed to know what I would like. She used a dark chocolate-flavored condom and gave the best covered BJ I've had. She rode me fairly hard, we switched to doggie for a while and she was pretty vocal (I really liked that). Then to her legs over my shoulders and again I had to go easy as she seemed to wince when I went deep. May have been an act, but I liked it anyway. Kinda makes me wish that my previously virginal girlfriend in the late 80's had talked with me more about my proclivity to pound her deeply. I wonder now whether I was pounding her too deeply. I thought I had used most of my hour and so finished off only to find that it had been only half an hour (seemed longer). We chatted very little afterwards as she got dressed too quickly and I got the feeling I was keeping her from something. Anyway, another good experience, but then again very different from Athena. I enjoyed the contrast, 7/8.5/8.

    I hoping to schedule a visit with Keyle before I leave this wonderful place as the hottest girls on the website have been unavailable thus far. I think I'll go call them now.

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    wow! yer a fucking idiot!

    great reviews!

    Thanks! I had fun reading them.

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