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Thread: Wow Lexi Marie 41 at boa

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    Wow Lexi Marie 41 at boa

    Looks pretty hot, especially for 41..Anyone seen her? Must be a secret

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    Thumbs up Lexie-Marie at BOA

    I saw Lexi-Marie a few weeks ago, she was punctual, waiting for me in her BOA room at my appointed arrival time.

    Upon walking in she greeted me with "Hello Cowboy", she looked stunning in a tight mini dress that showed off her lithe frame, she's long and lean, with lovely enhancements exactly as pictured, and has a high energy vibe to her.

    At this point I felt I was in for an incredible session, I grabbed a shower in the very well appointed bathroom and rejoined her in the bedroom where she was provocatively stretched out almost naked on the bed, she had kept her heels on. Lexi-Marie is a moderate kisser (no DFK) has great soft skin and loves to be stroked and massaged, well, all of that lead to instant arousal and in no time we were entangled in each other with hands everywhere. After a bit, she slid down to begin a vigorous BBBJ with decent depth approaching fully engulfing me in her lips and throat. Her tempo was a bit too fast for my taste and she complied with my guidance to slow it up a bit and to go all of the way down on me several times. As I started to rub her pussy she told me digits were a "no go" (her listing on the BOA website said inclusive)

    From there we slid on a hat and moved toward missionary to start things off, she warned me several times that she was very, very tight, I would say fairly tight, (but I've experienced tighter in the past), that being said, entering her was definitely a pleasure rush, we plowed away for a while then switched over for some doggie with her kneeling at the edge of the bed, I grabbed my shower towel and slipped it around her to get a better purchase and to be able to go nice and deep with some vigour, this was good for us for awhile, but after a bit she mentioned that "I was a pounder, and that I was wearing her out" so we eased up a bit and kept going.

    The view of her ass in doggie is a world class sight, and as such, I was anticipating staying in that position to switch into some Greek (again advertised as inclusive), but was informed that this was a mistake on the website and that it wasn't on the menu at all today. My heart sank, as it was one of the items that had me excited to see her.

    Anyhow, we lost the cover for a while and re-engaged in some lovely BBBJ and Throating, re-covering to end up in missionary for the final climax.

    All in all a great session with a high energy lady that has a body that would put most 20 somethings to shame.

    Had all of the services advertised been on the menu, it would have no doubt been a "top three" stellar session as opposed to the great session I enjoyed from what ended up being on her menu.

    Despite that, I would definitely repeat with confirmation of offerings.

    Lexie-Marie's menu was changed later the same day and seems mostly correct now except for digits? I did text the BOA contact number afterward to point out the "mis-menuing" and my subsequent disappointment, but never did receive a reply.
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    Saw Lexi this evening - definitely a ‘Wow’ eveningnto remember! Very highly recommended!

    As the above says, she has an incredible body and also a gorgeous face! Very outgoing personality too and had a great way of making me feel relaxed and “studly” at the same time, lol! In other words, lots of compliments from her :-). I take them all with a grain of salt but it’s still a pleasure to hear and adds to the whole sensation.

    I’d would have guessed her age as even younger and photos are 100% accurate; again, her body is one that any one would be envious of! Conversations throughout flowed easily and were very enjoyable. Since we’re both in our 40’s, there were many things we could relate to. Hard-working and intelligent, it was a real pleasure to get to know her a little bit and I quickly wished I had reserved a longer time for everything: chatting, laughing, massaging, and action of course (which felt fantastic all around).

    BOA was all around a pleasure to work with, location was convenient, room and shower was well appointed and in good shape (theres some repair work in-progress but it didn’t affect the hot, spacious shower), and Lexi was an absolute dream to spend a too-fast hour with. Haven’t seen a whole lot of people in Vic but I’d definitely put her top 3 (Blake and Siren are the other two, all for unique reasons).

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