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Thread: Fenix at SweetVIPs

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    Fenix at SweetVIPs

    I had previously had my eye on Fenix at VIPs when I happened to be downtown with a few minutes and decided to check the VIP schedule and as luck would have it she was available. As I only had a short amount of time I decided to try the 15 minute PSE oral. She is very attractive with a great body and a nice butt (2 for 2 😉 definitely a butt guy). I had a great time and knew I needed more. I immediately booked a 90 minute PSE for our next date. Fenix is energetic, very open, easy to talk to, and definitely into trying different things so don’t be afraid to ask beforehand. It was a great experience and I was left weak into the next day. I went back for another date and another round with the same amazing results and despite trying couldn’t get through all my fantasies that she was willing to fulfill, but she got a lot of big ones. I would definitely see her again to continue checking off my list. She would be great in a duo, perhaps next time. 🤔😍

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    Such a sweet review of our lovely Fenix (http://www.victoriaindependentprovid..._escorts/fenix)
    She is a very experimental and openminded lady, I am sure you will both have lot's of ideas and fun times to cum

    xooxo ms.Harvi

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