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Thread: Laura at SweetVIPS

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    Laura at SweetVIPS

    As I had stated in my first post I had tried finding a SP by just randomly searching the internet with disappointing results. Then VIPS came up and I looked through the pictures, saw Laura and decided not to give up just yet. Scheduling the date was pretty easy and straight forward. I was excited and nervous as I walked in the door and was greeted warmly by Laura and was honestly, and VERY happily, surprised and she immediately made me feel welcome and more relaxed but more excited than ever. She is very pretty with an amazing body, petite but still has some curves and a fantastic butt. She is soft spoken but could carry a conversation and with a great accent that adds to her appeal. She knew how to get me going and did some nice touching and sucking for a warmup before going through multiple positions. It was what I had been hoping for and fantasizing about for quite some time and was a great GFE. I made several more dates with Laura since the first one and would definitely see her again. I have had other dates and enjoyed them immensely but Laura will always have a special place for me as I consider her my ‘first’. 😊

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    Where does Laura post on LL and under what category, and post title. Cheers Chuck . . .

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    Thank you for sharing your sweet experiences at VIPS with Laura (http://www.victoriaindependentprovid..._escorts/laura)

    She is an absolute nock out - and I am working on some new sexy photos for her today as well...

    Keep an eye out for this little up n cummer boys - she's something else <3

    xoxo - ms.Harvi

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