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Thread: Arianna 7229 - any intel

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    Arianna 7229 - any intel

    Anyone have any experiences that could shed so wclight on this topic?

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    Kinda seems too good to be true...

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    Does seem really good though. Has anybody seen her yet?

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    Anymore seen her ??

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    I'm interested if she's legit or not as well, seems too good to be true lol

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    another disappointment, I walked away.

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    Care to elaborate?

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    sorry got them confused, walked away from Adria. she seemed strung out. I have looked at arianna and am curious though

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    It's really me in the pix I promise. I will be getting my girl friend to take more pix of me this month she was in a rush so only got 2. If you can prove your a perb member with reviews I can give u a discount of $20 if that's allowed on this site. Your not obligated to leave a positive review or review at all but I offered something similiar on CAF and seemed to work out on that site. The $20 off would be incall only and for sessions longer than 15 mims as well. Just private message me on here before hand so I know your legit. What color lingerie should I take pix in this month??

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    What was your caf handle name? Wear purple lingerie with a date next time?

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    I think you would look amazing in blue or purple

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    My vote is in black. Pm sent

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    interesting Arianna she's good?

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    Arianna - I'm with some of the others on this in purple lingerie with that rockin' bod would be enough on its own to send me home a happy man.

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    I saw her
    6/10 looks
    6/10 service

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