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Thread: Any Asian SW info?

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    Question Any Asian SW info?

    Hey Everyone,

    Does anybody know if there are any Asian SW's around? I've seen a couple on the High-track, and was wondering if anyone has any info on others?

    Thanks in advance....

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    Just my 2 cents worth........not that it's important...

    Godzilla, I completely agree with you.........most asian sp's stay within their network because of their connections...blah...blah...blah... and the the one's who walk the street could be characterized as 'very westernized'. So, I don't think you'll have any luck in that regard.

    By the way, Soopergrizz, I'm still rolling on the ground laughing from your very shrewd observation!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Smile Well.....

    Soopergrizz - That was funny.....I'm still laughing.... I've been to many Asian MP's, but haven't really found a great place with younger,attractive girls who provide a real good gfe. THat's why I was looking for a sp, because I'd rather spend less and not expect so much. I guess I just miss my ex... I've been with Angelina, and she is great. Can anyone recommend someone besides her,though? I've been to Bex, but wasn't really impressed. Does anyone recommend anyone from there? Also - I'd like to find an Asian Mp that provides greek.... Again - Thanks in advance...

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    There are girls at BEX that offer Greek thought it may be a YMMV kind of thing. Sarah comes to mind as a possibility. She generally works Tues-Friday.

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    Gonna take some searching, one asian chik I found once had better english than most white chiks I'd seen.

    Like he others said if you want the real thing you may have to pay the dough and do the AMP thing. Don't bother with DT no asian babes down there.

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