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Thread: Brielle, VIPS

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    Brielle, VIPS

    The logistics were the same as any appointment at VIPS. The shopfront is right on Douglas. If you’re on time (and I have been told to BE on time), the door is opened right away. The rates of the girls vary slightly, within $20 dollars of each other: approx. $100 / 15, $160 / hh, etc.

    I booked a 15 minute appointment with Brielle in the evening. I had been jacking off to exhaustion in the week leading up to it and, really, I shouldn’t have been scheduling a treat for myself, since I am so much less likely to genuinely enjoy it in that state. But from the moment we first touched I was pulled in. And while, yes, 15 minutes really is too short to do much building up to it, we took it slow at the beginning and there was a really nice mellow mood.

    The whole time I was with her I could barely get over how good-looking she is. She is tall and slim, with a face that just bowled me over. There’s a little bit of haughtiness in her features, which made me think of a “vixen” type, but she had this warm and really calm way about her that put me totally at ease. She has small breasts and wide-ish hips, but the overall effect was just incredibly feminine. I had this feeling in the midst of it that, if I hadn’t been aware of the actual situation, was like I was falling in love.

    I was "enchanted"—like a fucking spell!

    I have been to VIPS maybe just short of 10 times and I’ve had some exciting experiences. Last year I saw Carli, who has a body somewhat comparable to Brielle; I've seen Piper, who's both hot and super friendly; and recently I saw Fenix, whose body eliminates all thoughts from your head except “s…..e…..x”; but of all my experiences, this one was the nicest.

    It’s tough sharing such a sweet experience with all of you bastards. Still, I had to feel like Brielle ought to be better known for everything that she brings.

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    She’s beautiful, tall and very very enchanting.
    Being under her spell is a delicious treat.

    Beyond this connection she holds with you she’s super sexy, with a naughty streak, also super flexible.

    You’ll want to bring your A game and book longer than you had originally planned.
    She’s a total sweetheart!

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    Hello Beastie & nicknick
    Thank you so much for taking the time to share your feedback about the lovely & sensual ms.Brielle.
    I agree with you both wholeheartedly - Brielle is a very genuine and enchanting soul. If you have been
    blessed to have one of her epic massages - well then you have already visited heaven, so sin away

    More info @ http://www.victoriaindependentprovid...scorts/brielle

    PS = Not sure if you guys are aware, but you can show up to VIPS early or even late if need be, we only request that you communicate, so we can ensure your discretion and privacy

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    Breathtaking Brielle

    This long legged beauty will have you under her spell. She kind and let me tell you, she will blow your mind! It is amazing the way she makes you feel comfortable about the situation - it's the perfect girlfriend experience.
    She will take care of you in so many ways. She will take you so high you will feel like you're living in the Caribbean lol
    So if you're lookin' for a hell of a time, book some time with this Sweet girl.

    I will be back soon!


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