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Thread: Giving a woman in the biz an out

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marco911 View Post
    Let me preface by saying I’m aware of the fact that some people are just messed up emotionally/mentally and some of the people in the biz are beyond logic. Yes mom, I’m a softy at times but I’m well aware of the crazy ones, I’ve dated them so I know that it’s not all roses, I’ve got the bills to prove it.

    I’m not going to get into details but there is someone in this biz that I know is being treated badly and taken advantage of. I’ve never posted about them on here for obvious reasons. I don’t have feelings for them however this is a situation where I feel the need to step in. I’m all for woman making a choice to be in this game and for those that want to partake, I’m 100% game.

    What I’m not okay with is someone being forced into a space where they’re being manipulated and in my opinion abused. I want to give this one woman an out. Yes, I can’t force her to take it however she’s so scared and brainwashed that I’m struggling with just walking away as if it’s not my problem.

    Ive seem a lot of crazy things and this one is really bothering me. You may be thinking I’m better off donating to UNICEF and perhaps I’m better off throwing the money out my penthouse window or doing just about anything else. Perhaps you’re correct.

    Anyway I’m just really pissed off about this and while I feel it’s probably a lost cause, I can’t help but feel the need to at least help this person out or at the very least, give them a clear exit that’s a real chance to get into a space they’d be happier with. I’m not interested in them being my girlfriend nor do I have any desire to throw money at the problem. This person has legitimate professional skills that are worth a chance to get out of this horrible situation.

    You can now proceed to tell my I’m delusional. Am I seriously just dreaming and living in some fantasy land to even be thinking this way? Comments, including ones aimed at my (in)sanity are all appreciated.

    I've been there. I put myself out there to help as much as I could to help this girl out of her situation. What I didn't realize was what kind of impact it would have on my personal life. My word of caution, don't stick your neck out to far. If these creeps obviously mistreat her, they have no moral code and, if they find out who the rescuer is, will have their way with you. CYA first. You want to help this girl out, which I respect, but you still have to secure your own safety.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kamivix View Post
    great advice..... also, let her know that relapse (in abuse is different than drug abuse) it is also an addiction(in this situation) to adrenaline and stress from the situation she was in, not love....although love for a human is real, being "in Love" in a healthy relationship are two different kinds of love......... the body gets chemically addicted to the anxiety in abuse and is why abused people end up going back....the peacefulness is unbearable. The entire world would be so much better off knowing this information. This is not taught and needs to be shared. That information is the only thing that saved my 'self' and kept me from going back to abusive situations
    interesting way of looking at it, me and my sister always say "stockholm syndrome" about these things.

    to the OP, you are a good person for even considering this

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