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    Anyone know if Macy offers similar extras? Only seen Connie.

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    I have seen Macy. Nice girl likely in her mid to late twenties. Pleasant smile and a happy disposition. The massage is lighter than Connie and the breasts are definitely smaller. She has a small A chest and a body to match. She seems open to a few extras on a similar a la carte schedule. If you like petite, cheerful Asian with a light massage, then she is the one.

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    I too have seen Macy, and I'd say my experience matches nofsever. I had requested medium for pressure during the massage but I don't think she really gave that. She was indeed petite and cheerful, however the massage is lacking, and spent almost as much time gentle caressing as she did massaging my back. On the flip there was no massage anywhere, just straight to business. Though there were several things on the menu, and perhaps more as she seemed keen, i chose to stick with the special. For me, not a repeat.
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    Trying to book Connie and she suddenly tells me that she would be in a motel for this weekend. I dont know about that seems to be a redflag for me. Can anyone confirm that she services out of Motels now?

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    Motels are iffy for scores of reasons, the quickest being, if caught there by X, Y, Z, why are you there?
    A sister/brother-in-law plumber, electrician, insurance adjuster, conference attendee sees you in the lobby on a Thursday afternoon--what then? Or a raid by the police, expulsion by hotel management, bloody hell, a pimp. Too many variables. Me, I've always avoided motels, inns, hotels, etc. There are too many prying eyes--curious eyes. Yes, I'm rambling.

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    The post above is a little alarmist against motels. I’ve seen her partner Macy twice, once at their building near Blanchard and Fisgard and the other time at a motel not far from there. Same experience in both places. I’m not certain why they work out of a motel when they have an apartment other than keeping traffic down and therefore suspicious neighbors at bay.

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