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Thread: Recon wanted

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    Recon wanted

    Hello everyone. It's my first post. Go easy.
    I'm looking for info on Kim. Asian lady who regularly advertises on Leolist.
    How long is the massage before the flip?
    I'm new to the area and really enjoy a nice massage for 30-40 minutes before the flip and HE.
    Looking for your advice on her or other providers who can provide what i want for around a brown bill all inclusive.
    I did search and found limited info. Hoping this inquiry will help me and some others who are wondering.
    Thanks everyone.

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    I can’t comment on Kim, but I’ve visited Lottus Blossom in town a few times. 45 mins is a brown bill + 10 all inclusive. Good looking ladies IMO. They usually leave about 10-15 for the HE and clean up

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    Thanks for the suggestion Ksteve8888. I'll look it up.
    Anyone else have some info or suggestions?

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    Kcanman, go to the Thai lady downtown on Bernard. She is exactly what you're looking for.

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    Would this be near a popular tax service?

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    Yeah, I believe it's right by there on 500 block.

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    Thanks for your help guys..

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    I visited Kim twice. Both a waste of time. Totally rushed both times, no nudity, no sliding or prostrate as she advertises on Leolist. She has moved to a nicer condo on Gordon now.

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    Kim's attitude sucks. Too rushed, all about the money and tips. No Topless as advertised. I would not go back either now.

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    I've seen Kim twice. All about the up-sell. I only saw her the second time because her ad didn't make it clear that it was the same person I had already seen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crookedmember View Post
    Kcanman, go to the Thai lady downtown on Bernard. She is exactly what you're looking for.
    Does anyone know if she is still advertising?

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    She advertises in the Capital News under Mind, Body Spirit. But she is on vacation until September. Not sure if there's someone else there until then.

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    I wish I had read these reviews a few weeks ago when I spent a horrible hour with Kim. Not good! Avoid her...its all about the money.

    But I just had a great session at Lotus Blossom on Ellis St with a girl whose name might have been Lemon (bad english). She is chinese, only here a month or two. In her 20's, slim, pretty, nice boobs. But her massage was one of the best I've had in a long time. She knows what she's doing, and it was very erotic as well. Extra 20 for topless and a very nice hj to finish. I would definitely see her again if I lived in Kelowna.

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