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Thread: Recon wanted

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    Recon wanted

    Hello everyone. It's my first post. Go easy.
    I'm looking for info on Kim. Asian lady who regularly advertises on Leolist.
    How long is the massage before the flip?
    I'm new to the area and really enjoy a nice massage for 30-40 minutes before the flip and HE.
    Looking for your advice on her or other providers who can provide what i want for around a brown bill all inclusive.
    I did search and found limited info. Hoping this inquiry will help me and some others who are wondering.
    Thanks everyone.

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    I can’t comment on Kim, but I’ve visited Lottus Blossom in town a few times. 45 mins is a brown bill + 10 all inclusive. Good looking ladies IMO. They usually leave about 10-15 for the HE and clean up

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    Thanks for the suggestion Ksteve8888. I'll look it up.
    Anyone else have some info or suggestions?

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    Kcanman, go to the Thai lady downtown on Bernard. She is exactly what you're looking for.

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    Would this be near a popular tax service?

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    Yeah, I believe it's right by there on 500 block.

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    Thanks for your help guys..

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