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    Reyna @ SVIP

    Prepare to be read by a beautiful book. This girl is pretty astute and you will appreciate it. She may have mistaken my compliance as a fetish though, otherwise quite correct in her assessments.
    Adaptable, graceful and quick on her feet. You can tell she's a problem solver. Makes sense given her wit and and crazy physique...
    Ya gotta keep an eye on crazy and you'll have a hard time taking your eyes off her. That ass... oof. It's all good, to see her entirely is quite the spectacle... And all this met by a kind openness, a team spirit and something else... something I'm reluctant to put my finger on.

    She was very positive and approachable. I can be a bit shy when it comes to kissing but that didn't seem to matter, her face is disarmingly striking and she knows how to rock that smile.
    Her CBJ is a trick of the trade to say the least.
    She's got a fair amount of strict boundaries/protocols but is quite generous with what she's comfortable with and offers a lot. Hope to one day remind us both how fine she is.

    First time at SVIP and it was great. Everything went smooth and timely. Though the layout is neat and professional it did seem oddly unsettling at first... a bit of an office theme. I've never worked in a cubicle, if so it might rather have been inspiring.
    These reviews of mine seem too positive but it's hard to complain so far... I guess I've been lucky. Oh so lucky!

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    You have been on a roll Sick-Boy ! good for you, I always love to hear these types of reviews.
    Reyna is a little firecracker - so glad you got a chance to meet her
    Thanks for taking the time to share, and glad you left with a big smile on your face.

    xoxo -ms.Harvi

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