Hi All,

I am developing an innovative solution - in concert with others....

Coming Soon !

MVrubs - Metro-Vancouver Rubs - Massage Services Directory (19+)

Discreet appointment booking for massage services - online & mobile

Massage Providers - Sign-Up & Use for - FREE

https://mvrubs.ca (or https://mvrubs.jimdofree.com/ if not yet working)

The solution will be of particular interest to Service Providers (SP's) who move around a lot but who want to stay in contact with and be able to more easily accept appointments from regular clientele.

The initial focus will be on serving SP's working at commercial (licensed) venues, but open to others as well, as long as they can be (confidentially) verified.

Initial focus will also be on serving (confidentially) verified customers (serious players).

Let me know what you think. Also looking for help to market this effort $$$.

Best regards,