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Thread: Red or White Wine?

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    Question Red or White Wine?

    I'm hoping I can get some feedback on wine questions. I am a non-drinker, but I always provide wine for my Incall Guests. My first question is kinda two part: Do you Gentlemen prefer Red or White wine, and what reasonably priced lables do you suggest?
    Question number two is: Are there any laws regarding crossing the Can/US border with alcohol? Any help is appreciated and I thank you in advance, My Dears! See you May 11-14th in Vancouver! (425)422-5523.

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    Wow most SP only provide a glass of water LOL. I prefer red wine

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    Wink crossing the border with alcohol


    I have found that almost everytime I cross the border (either way), I get asked if I have any firearms, alcohol, or tobacco (the "Three Standard Questions") I don't smoke, so no tobacco. Don't hunt or shoot for sport, so no guns. Do drink alcohol, so the answer, if I have any is yes, I have _________ (fill in the blank: a case of beer, x bottles of wine, whatever), and it's for my own use. If it's not a ridiculous amount for the time you will be out of your own country, the customs people will usually let it slide. Otherwise, you have to pay duty and taxes on it, and then it would be cheaper to buy locally.

    Hope this helps!
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    The Hamster prefers white wine, but can tolerate red if it's at least $50 for the bottle.
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    You got it right Arch

    and how about some fine BC Wines, eh?

    For someone who does'nt drink much perhaps an ice wine?

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    I agree with shank and archangel. You don't need to bring anything up from the USA, BC is turning out some world class products.

    I prefer red (slurped out of the naval of an accomodating lady)

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    Hey I say surprise me! Red or white who cares I'll drink either since the wine is not on my mind once I get there. Like L.A.G said some ho's give ya a glass of water, O.K. I guess since an hour goes fast and to waste 20 min of it sitting around sipping wine is up to you.

    I say though stick with B.C brands. You can always run down to the cold beer store and grab a couple half-saks!!

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