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    I was in Calgary on business recently. Having no luck getting many replies for an outcall (and the few I did get were "all business", pushy and gave me a bad vibe), I gave up for the night and fell asleep watching porn.

    First thing the next morning, I had a reply from a lady I really wanted to meet. She apologized for missing me the previous evening and explained that she shuts down at 9 PM.

    We texted a bit about setting something up for after work at her south side incall.

    I am so glad this worked out!

    I met her at her place after I was done work for the day.

    Melody is exactly as advertised - the photos are all her for sure. She has a very pleasing figure and greeted me in a short black ensemble with a thong and heels, giving me a very nice kiss and a hug on the way in. She's pleasantly tall for a Pinay. I quickly stripped and headed for the shower to knock the day off and she was awaiting me on the bed.

    We wasted no time in getting comfortable, hugging and kissing. She is a very sensual kisser and her nipples, already large and enticing at rest, quickly doubled in length. I could tell she was aroused as I kissed her and tweaked them, and was soon gently pinching, sucking, and kissing each of them in turn which I could tell was driving her wild. This girl definitely knows how to make out.

    We soon had her tube top and thong off and I took my time running my tongue up and down her thighs before circling her clit and getting down to business. Melody has delicious nether regions and I savoured all of them in bringing her off. She's delicious and I enjoyed eating her slit, her clit, and her succulent little ass as I went about pleasing her. She was trying to turn around to get at me, but I didn't let her, preferring instead to watch her moan and play with her nipples as I brought her off. Her first climax went, "you're killing me" and a soft shudder, almost imperceptible but the smile and hug after made it clear she had cum.

    "Your turn", she said, "or I may fall asleep". The BBBJ that ensued was off the charts. Melody knows every trick in the book with her tongue, her mouth and her hands, and her edging techniques are extraordinary. It was all I could do not to blast, but I held off for a good half hour just savouring her technique, eventually erupting into her mouth. She didn't miss a drop, quietly and sensually drooling it into her hand and hopping off to the bathroom, her gorgeous little butt bouncing. She returned with a hot washcloth and bathed me and then snuggled in my arms. We both drifted off to sleep, and I woke with her teasing me with her hand, and tongue. As I opened my eyes, she was back edging me.

    She was soon astride my face, initially facing me, and then in reverse, stroking me and dropping into a 69. I could eat this girl all night. She came a couple of more times and had me like steel.

    She popped a hat on him and climbed aboard, a few minutes of delicious keggles and various poses, with her amazing nipples extraordinaire and perky titties bouncing, kissing me, forward and reverse, etc. and then she rolled off with her ass in the air. I licked her some more, and plunged into her kitty from behind, holding her hips and enjoying the feeling and the view as she looked over her shoulder at me. I know she offers Greek, but I didn't pursue that, enjoying the normal thing immensely. I wasn't sure I'd fit as I could barely get a fingertip in her bum as I was eating her.

    I eventually rolled her onto her back and went at her in mish. I had three "almost" orgasms and I know she had one. I was debating unloading in her, but I wanted some more of her ass and kitty, so I rolled off beside her and ripped off the hat. No cue required, she was soon edging me and teasing me while I probed her delicious ass and pussy with my tongue. Simply amazing.

    We finished off with an amazing cuddling, DFK, hand job. I loved it, her holding me, kissing me, her neck and ear lobes at my lips as she stroked me into abandon. She's got amazing technique, stalling it repeatedly, building the excitement, and when I finally started my rise, she went very gentle and it was incredible releasing for her. I was so wound, it went from my toes up and I squirted so hard I hit both of our chins.

    We cuddled after for a bit as I was her last for the day, and she got me a hot washcloth and bathed me, and then visited as I dressed.

    She was hard to leave as the connection was electric. I shall see her again for certain, either in Calgary or Vancouver (or both, lol!)

    Inamongst the conversations I learned that she's fully bi, sees couples, etc., and definitely NOT a clock watcher. She has a "normal" profession and doesn't do this that often but visits Calgary about once a month, and she mentioned she'd be here for Stampede. I suggested she get a hat and enjoy the week and maybe adjust her schedule a bit later into the evening. She'd look awesome in tight jeans and an unbuttoned Western shirt!


    I hope she'll come back to Edmonton too, but it sounded like a lot of guys flaked on her when she was there.
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