I was set to spend a few days in Winterpeg so I dialed up the dirty Twitter and found a mini-collective a kinky ladies with good feeds, good websites, and a lot of hot shit to say.

I settled on Andre Lorelei for my standard sesh of sweaty foot worship, dirty tease and denial talk, and strapon fucking. I'm an Aneros enthusiast and under the right circumstances can reach mind-warping prostate orgasms. When I find lady who is willing to ride that train with me - we tend to click really well.

Andre was exceptionally easy to set the session up with, and was very encouraging of planning it out in advance. As a seasoned player, I have some very specific ideas about how I like a session to go. There's always a balance between scripting too much and not saying enough. but she welcomed as much detail as I could dish out.

I'll never forget Andre. With the exception of maybe one other domme (Flora Revel; one of my first ) I don't think I've connected with someone on such an etheral level.

She has a unique beauty to her; Mediterranean looks with jewel like eyes that light up when she likes what she sees. Wonderful attitude and deliciously filthy mind. She ate up my fantasy with greed and dished it out like a champ. Beautiful body and delicious feet which she marinated in some amazing cuban stockings. Elegant dirty talk that hit all the right notes. A teasing smile and laugh that carved up all my vulnerabilities into a hot mess. A strapon rhythm that read my body and mind like a lover rather than a sub. A truly giving spirit who was just as happy to dish it out as I was to take it, leaving me in a convulsing mess after several prostate orgasms. We both got very sweaty.

I think what was most memorable was just how generous and kind she was. Despite all the fun and filth of it, there was something uniquely beautiful about the experience. Even if we don't ever recreate the same magic, I do hope our paths cross again.