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    Luna at Vip

    Well what can I say I set up a date with Luna it was super simple thanks Harvi.

    I walk into the room and was greeted with a big smile and a deep kiss.

    With pleasantries all taken care of we both were off to the races.

    We kissed and tugged on each other as we ripped each others clothes off. Stroking my cock as she kissed me passionately. Off comes her panties as I lick her into a quivering mess of orgasm. My turn she says and starts to suck my balls and cock both juggling in her full lips.

    She doesnt hold back our fuck juices all over our mouthes.

    I can't wait to fuck her , I mount her tight pussy doing her from behind just giving her.

    Her love melons shake back and forth her orgasm coming close as her face flushes.

    She came 2 times shuddering getting wetter each time.

    I can't take it so I nut all over her ass crack dammn it feels so good to be a gangsta.

    Looks 7
    Attitude 10
    Performance 7

    Total repeat

    One of the best girls at VIP

    Thanks for suggestion Harvi



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    Love it ! Luna is one of my personal favs - she is also one of our loudest & most vocal, so basically everyone knows when she is having a good time
    Thanks for another sweet review you badass gangster Happy to be your go-to phone call whenever the need arises

    xoxoox - Ms.Harvi

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