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    Rylee @ Sweetvips

    I had an hour to kill downtown before a bank appointment so I gave Ms. H a call to see if I could make better use of this down time.
    I had already decided awhile back that I needed to meet Rylee or Cassidy.

    I asked Ms. H for an update as to who would be ready to go on relatively short notice and was initially advised that Rylee had booked off for a period of time and that Cassidy wasn't available at all due to previous bookings.

    Ms. H said she would try to contact Rylee and see if their was enough time in my brief window, Rylee being able to make it back for my call, and coordinating the arrivals and departures at Vips of other clients.

    A few minutes later I received a text from Ms. H with a specific (down to the exact minute!) arrival time to meet with Rylee. I appreciate the effort made to ensure that I got what I wanted as well as balancing the needs of other clients as well as Rylees'!

    Anyway, at the exact moment I rang the bell, the door opened for me and I was greeted by a beautiful young lady, a bit taller than I had imagined, dressed in white lingerie. This girl is beautiful. What really struck me was how attractive her face was. Classic beauty!

    I enjoyed her company for my allotted time. Rylee had me at her mercy! I was spoiled.

    After our time was over we were held up by arrival or departure of other guests and Rylee took it upon herself to advise me of how booking a duo with her and Cassidy would be in my best interest. I tend to agree with her, two beautiful blondes together, that enjoy each others company to boot, would be an undertaking for the near future!

    I left with a satisfied smile. Another excellent visit.

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    I love when a last-minute lusty feeling turns into a happy satisfying memory
    As always thank you so much for thinking of us whenever the need arises -
    and for taking the time to share your sweet review about the sexy ms Rylee

    xoxo - ms.Harvi

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