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    Question Looking for recommendations

    I will be in Van next week and I am looking for some advice on where to go. From my reading there are certain Massage Spas that are more expensive than others. I appreciate all types of women so it doesn’t matter if they are blond or brunet, Black, Asian or White. I am looking for someplace that won’t watch the clock and rush me out. I want to enjoy my time. Where should I go and what should I expect to pay. Thanks in advance for your help.

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    I am looking to spend an hour to an hour and a half. For that rate it looks like I would pay anywhere from 50 to 150 just for the room. Is it possible to spend around 200 – 250 all inclusive (room plus tip) or am I just uneducated? I am looking for the best bang for my buck, so to speak. :-)

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    Do 2 sessions!

    You can go to alot of places and get all inclusive F/S for $150. So I would say the best bet is two half hour sessions at two different places.

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