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Thread: Any SP offer MFM?

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    Any SP offer MFM?

    Im completely straight but always wanted to try a MFM. Does anyone know of a SP that provides the service? Thanks!

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    I think Sabine is advertising that

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    Maya West does. Haven't experienced it, but she advertises such a service.

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    Thanks mistermetro. I’ll have to look into it.

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    Thanks for the tip sir!

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    There are a few that are up to it, but it may be YMMV. If there is a girl youve seen, bring it up next time and see what she thinks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by justwannahavefun View Post
    I think Sabine is advertising that
    I do! Thanks for thinking of me

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    Insatiable girl DK, posts ad up once in a while only when available, on LL also. Sorry can't find it right now.

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    Jess.Lis.Lee who advertises here and on LL says BoyGirlBoy is very available

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    There’s also N&N who advertise in the dim/fetish section.

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    Jess.Lis.Lee seems to be someone to try MFM with. All I need now is another M

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    Why hello there

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    hello everyone

    I do as well...up in Kamloops, on your vacay

    Also, have a lovely gent anxiously waiting to play with us
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