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Thread: Warning about parking with your female friends

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    Warning about parking with your female friends

    Here's a story that may help you pooners out there in dealing with LE:

    TWICE I was stopped with 2 different female friends in my car. No, they were not SW. We were already parked at the top of Queen E park. I've never been stopped before. The first time it was with a stripper I was taking home. The second it was a girl I met at a pub. Both times I was parked with them making out. Both times LE came by and decided to have a look at what was going on inside. Both times my windows were completely fogged up, and both times, after an extensive interview, they told me to take the girl to a more private location.

    Each time, this happened: 1) They pull up behind your car with lights on, and stop right behind you. 2) the office gets out and shines a flashlight into the driver's side window. 3) they shine the light at your face, her face, her body, and directly into your crotch. 4) they ask for your identification and car papers. 5) they ask you if you know her, ask her name, her address, how you know her, what you are doing. 6) they then get her out of the car, and walk her a fair distance away and ask her these questions: her name, her address, how she knows you, what you are doing, where you met before getting into the car. 7) they look her up and down to see how she is dressed (both times the friend in question was dressed sexy), 8) they ask for her id, and hopefully she is able to produce it, 9) they ask to look in her purse, presumably looking for what you might be able to guess, 10) they look in her eyes, to see if she is high.

    Both times my friends did not have id: the stripper was not in the habit of carrying id, and the foreigner was not carrying her passport. Both times I was grilled with repetitive questions and questions in great detail about my association with them, of which I could provide virtually no details about where they lived, what their real names were (as far as I knew), etc. Both times we were a bit undressed, but not enough we could not button ourselves up between the car arriving behind us and the officer getting out. If in fact we were exposed at all when the officer shone the light in, I think there would have been greater trouble. Luckily the stripper had no drugs on her, and of course the cute foreign girl was probably totally clean her whole life.

    After 15 - 20 minutes of interrogation, we were told to go indoors and not to make out in public.

    This experience serves to illustrate a few things: a) you are going to be asked incriminating questions as though you were with a SW - this is what they are looking for, b) making out with your gf in the privacy of your car, as you were able to do only a few years ago in well-known make-out spots, is now prohibited, c) if you pick up a girl at a bar or wherever you may be, you better get to know her details well before you start anything with her. Had I not known anything about these girls, I probably would have been in trouble. This can be difficult, as I often go to night clubs, pubs, strip joints, etc. to pick up girls, and get heavy with them before reaching home. It is awkward to get "name,place,etc." out of the way when you are in hot pursuit of pussy. Of course, the cops don't give a damn who you're with, and would have charged me on the flimsiest evidence that there was any consideration taken for sexual activity. Of course, there was none. d) Lastly, I think I did not get into any trouble simply because the demeanor of my female friends served to show an "innocent" situation.

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    Don't you think

    their very limited resources would be better spent going after more serious problems in our society? I guess we all need to enjoy the "perks" of our profession every now and then.

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    Re: Warning about parking with your female friends

    Originally posted by georgebushmoron
    making out with your gf in the privacy of your car, as you were able to do only a few years ago in well-known make-out spots, is now prohibited
    Actually, in Canada, an automobile parked on public land has never been legally considered to be a private place. Well, maybe not never, but law student friends of mine in the 60's used to regale us with the details of case studies of "gross indecency" trials where police had arrested people making out in parked cars.

    The laws have not been enforced much in Vancouver in the last few decades but they are all still there.

    I suspect the Picton case may be behind this crackdown.

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    I'm aware

    of the law. It seems more appropiate around the areas where the SW hang out on Clarke/Hastings but on QE Park? Gimme a break!

    I guess we should define "making out". If both are clothed and not for public viewing there should'nt be a problem.

    Vancouver has such great natural scenery. Making out in public is fun. Is Vancouver a fun city or what?

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    Warning about parking

    As mentioned above, a car in a parking lot is a "public place", so any act in a car that is prohibited in a public place may be against the law. Police are allowed to investigate but, unless they have grounds to believe that you have committed a criminal offence they have no grounds to arrest you. Police can ask for ID, but unless they have grounds they cannot demand it. It is not a crime to be without ID.

    Producing your driver's licence would probably avoid unnecessary confrontation.

    As to interrogation, you have a right to silence and are not obliged to answer questions. While it is may be best to explain that you are merely there with a friend (assuming that is true), you are not legally obliged to offer any explanation or to prove anything.

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