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    Question Teka

    Hey, just wondering if anyone has seen Teka from ec. Theres was no results on my search. She used to advertise on hollywoodnorth years ago and I believe is still using the same pics
    cheers g

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    Stay Away!

    The Hamster hooked up with Tika in Oct or Nov or 2002. She charged the Hamster $200 for the hour and he didn't even do her(by choice). She's not 25....more like 35 and her skin is rough. Yeah, the Hamster loved her knockers and came all over her huge tits...but that was it. She's got a jaded attitude towards men in general.

    Highly not recommended.
    Your Friend,


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    Hey thanks Hammy
    sounds like you saved me 200 bucks
    your check is in the mail
    cheers g

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