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    Question House Call

    I was wondering if anybody on here has SPs come to their house for service? What are the pros and cons of this? I dont care about paying the "drivers fee" so that isnt a big deal.
    Any thoughts on this?

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    If you are dealing with a known SP I don't see it as a problem with her knowing where you live. I certainly wouldn't blindly pick one from the paper. If you live in a house there is usually one nosy neighbor on the street. If you don't care about that it's really no different than anyone else coming into your home on business. What the hell SP's give us their address and we go to their homes.
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    you are where?? in Edmonton, we have licence numbers... one call to the police and we'd be stopped in our tracks. I mean, really. All of my business is outcall and a good portion is at residences. You would never leave me alone with your coin collection or antique nicknacks... you'd greet me at the door, and direct me to the nearest bedroom. Quick work on your part, with plenty of chit chat, and I'm very unlikely to be able to "case your joint" (well... depends which joint). But seriously... if I were up to no good - well GOSH! If I looked scuzzy when I appeared at your door, you'd give me my driver's fee, and say tata. Use common sense of course. Y'know... even if you live in a place where there's no licencing, there are still the phone numbers that are in the paper. They can easily be checked on and if someone did something untoward, a quick call to the cops would take care of it. And no... don't say you couldn't do that because you can. Prostitution is legal in Canada (for some reason, this escapes a lot of people) and having said that, the most "legal" way to use the service is for the gal to go to you at your hotel or home. You, on the other hand, going to the SPs home is still not a great thing because of the bawdy house laws (that look like they might be subject to some liberal changes in the hopefully near future). Anyway... if you treat the SP right, you really shouldn't have a problem. If you turn her away, give her some respect for the time that she took to get there and hand her the driver's fee. If you don't do that, you might get an eggshell on your window (hard to wash off, especially in winter). Common sense should prevail.

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    SR, If you are in a position to openly have an SP arrive on your doorstep then what's to Blackmail? ----I don't understand.

    On the other hand, Granny, if you rip me off at my home how hard do you think LE will work to help out. "You see officer I was entertaining this lady and her pimp boy friend broke in the following day and stole my Renoir".
    "The hunt is half the fun....and sometimes it's all the fun you'll get"

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    Talking Renoir?

    Hey Regal? What's your address? I LOVE Renoir!!!

    actually, if you have that kind of stuff, then I say you need an alarm system. Cuz it might not be the pimpboy that takes it and you really really need proof for insurance that someone did take it. You do have insurance??????

    but for the rest... I promise... I really promise not to steal your hat collection, your pin (for the hat) collection and your bumper sticker collection. And I'm definitely not interested in the hockey puck collection - not even the signed ones. Okay?? Really!! I mean it!!!

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    Red face outcall to your residence


    granny does know best in this instance. you could find yourself in more trouble with LE doing an incall (you to the lady) than with an outcall (the lady to you), because of the "bawdy house laws." if the lady is underage (assuming older than 14, but not 18) you could be charged with contributing to the deliquency of a minor, no matter who goes where (that's what agencies are for, to screen the girl so that doesn't happen - they lose their licenses)!

    blackmailers usually (not always, it may be for shear spite I admit) want one thing - money. Frank Gifford has money (as in millions of $). if you were in his shoes, you probably wouldn't be looking on this board, you'ld have some sweet young thing stashed in an apartment or condo or something as your mistress. since, following my logic, you don't have money, nobody is going to blackmail you unless they are a little psychotic and you p***ed them off!

    so, my advice? be discrete, and have fun, and tell the nosy neighbor to mind his or her own business. This changes if you are married - then it's probably better to stay strictly incall, although I haven''t always followed this advice myself. and to quote what Big Trapper recently posted about me: "if willie says.... you can take it to the bank!" ROTFL

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    Lightbulb JUST DO IT!

    Granny, didn't answer last night. I was busy guarding my "Hat With Pin" from thieves. Perhaps you would like to show me your collection.

    Don, we have have digressed. As you can see some people are paranoid. Bottom line is consider your personal risks. Mine are too great (wife just wouldn't understand). Unless you are a prick and an SP wanted to get back at you I don't think blackmail is a real concern. You are not a lot more at risk inviting an SP into your home than you are the Coit guy that got hired this morning.

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    And don't forget Monica and Billy!

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    Wink Regal...

    Are you suggesting that if I show you mine, you'll show me yours????

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    Thanks for the response guys!! I dont have a wife or girlfriend, and I move around alot, so I could care less what the neighbors think. The only thing I have to worry about is my roomate coming home unexpected (that would be hard to explain ).

    Thanks again for all the great responses, I guess I have nothing to worry about, its gotta be safer than picking up SWs

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    Hey Don Ho..

    Don't worry about the roomie; you picked up a girl socially, in the bar or whatever, and she had to go home. Sounds like a valid explaination to me!

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    Talking Don Ho!!

    That's happened... I was boinking a fellow and his roomate (male) walked in... guess what? His roommate was a previous customer.

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