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Thread: Chasing Chase of SVIP by J.R.R. Snowplow

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    Chasing Chase of SVIP by J.R.R. Snowplow

    Chase: One of the many definitions:
    A groove or furrow cut in the face of a wall or other surface to receive a pipe.

    Aptly named given this starlets predilection for oral sex..... because let me tell you.....her face certainly received my pipe (and what a glorious receptacle it was indeed!)

    Miss Chase could literally teach a graduate course on the intricacies of performing oral sex on a man. She is always judicious with the appropriate amount of suction with just the right amount of moisture... it feels ..... (I’m actually at a loss for words, I don’t know of a way to accurately describe the feeling... but know’s pretty damn good, in fact it’s the 2nd best blow job I’ve ever had in my life!)

    Oh, did I mention that she has a great ass a cute face and a professional yet fun demeanor.

    Yeah. Pretty awesome chick.

    Honestly....I really shouldn’t be writing this review.... Fenix is now so busy I can no longer book her on short notice (thanks a lot you freakin’ perberts!).


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    Snow you will have to create your own dictionary one day

    Webster's definition also works : to seek the company of (a member of the opposite sex) in an obvious way.

    As always - you are the best at writing memorable reviews and you know we love you for it, thanks for taking time to share.

    PS: Fenix was bummed she missed you today - so I am sure your next session will be even more off the hook
    (we might have to close down shop and warn the neighbours beforehand lol)

    xoxo -ms.Harvi

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