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Thread: Valerie @ Sweet Vip

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    Thumbs up Valerie @ Sweet Vip

    Sweet Valerie
    This is my second time Visiting her
    Valerie is a very sexy lady, I am a bit of an Ass Man and this Girl has a nice Ass.
    Once again I was met at the Door with a huge smile, a hug and a Kiss.
    Valerie is a wonderful kisser, she enjoys receiving Daty as When as returning the favor , Not sure that she has a Gag reflex
    cause Dam that was a great BJ. I am getting hard thinking about that BJ, that says a lot she is in my top 3 BJ list.
    Lots of Positions, i love the fact that she is genuine and not fake. Some of the ladies are way over the top with the acting job.
    It was nice to spend time with a Women who genuinely seems to enjoy what does does.
    Valerie, thank you making me feel like a young Stud, even though i am not young any more.

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    GreyFoxx you are totally a stud in our books (vroom vroom) We hope it wasn't too distracting to drive home with those fabulous memories vibrating through you.

    Maybe we should have a mandatory come down "not intoxicated" time before we let our clients drive .... but then I guess we would have a waiting room full
    of clients weeks after the event, so that might not work so well

    Thanks for taking the time to share such a sweet review about the lovely Valerie:
    She is an amazing down to earth sexy girl next door -and I know you made her day with this wonderful review so thank you again

    xoxo - ms.Harvi

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