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Thread: RMT massage

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    Quote Originally Posted by guts123 View Post
    Any updates?
    Can someone send me a message as well if this is real?

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    Quote Originally Posted by augustfissure View Post
    Can someone send me a message as well if this is real?
    Not real. Just a troll.
    If anyone says they know a RMT that does extras they are trolling.
    In some cities (not in Victoria) there are acupuncturists that will give a receipt that you can claim against and do a massage with hj. I’ve only heard of this happening in Vancouver and experienced this in Saskatoon

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    What is R M T . Im kinda new to this

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    Registered Massage Therapist. In theory if a RMT was willing to risk professional suicide (being banned from their professional certifying organisation) and offered massages with a HE, we could claim it on our benefits. In theory. In reality, this person is a unicorn.

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    It was avail in some of the Asian massage places in another province , but I think here , there is none available here. It is high risk for the provider to go thru all that schooling only to lose their license . One of the providers at class choice who became an indie was providing tax receipts at one point but I did not investigate too much on how it would happen.

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    This topic has been done to death, thread closed!

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