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Thread: Kelly - Blue Bay

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    Kelly - Blue Bay

    Visited Blue Bay a while back. Arrived late evening. Was given no choice of SP.
    Nice clean atmosphere. Reception was very helpful and courteous; great girl.
    Kelly has a great attitude, great personality, great conversationist. Her physique was let go, though that's Calli g the Kettle black. She didn't attempt to be sexy. I think she is used to guys that just want the quick FS.
    Started with massage (skin rub with lotion). Then into the DATY. kitty was kept very well.
    Then into the CBJ. Her CBJ was forgettable.
    Into CG, motion limited. Flipped to RCG. I prefer her to be in Reverse Asian CG, but I wasn't confident she could pull it off.
    Flipped her into K9 and finished in glove.
    Service was average on most accounts. Though donation was above average.
    I haven't returned to Blue Bay since 2013 though. Not sure if quality, or choice has improved.

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    I have found the service and ladies better at fantasy spa. I usually see brook or mya, although would like to say hi
    To rose. The price is also known before going in.

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