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Thread: Piper at Sweet VIPs (accessible sexuality)

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    Piper at Sweet VIPs (accessible sexuality)

    I am writing this specifically for people with diverse abilities.

    Piper is so wonderful, beautiful and personable. Even if you aren't a confident guy about your sexuality, she is very accommodating and she will help you experience things you probably never thought you would!
    You will always leave with a smile on your face and confidence in your wheels that will stick with you for all of your life.
    Thank you, you will always have a special place in my heart. I will be back soon!


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    Thanks for sharing that Handyrap and kudos to Piper for delivering such a memorable and transformational experience.
    Red Baron

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    Your welcome man I just want diverse people to be comfortable with sexuality. It is my medication lol

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    And she has something of a 50s era pinup girl look to her!

    Lying on her back, hair splayed all over, big breasts moving about....

    Most awesome.

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    Im a little behind on my follow up of all these wonderful reviews - (mr.Harvi has been out of town - and you know what they say a lack of sex can make you a little foggy brained)

    HandyRap - you are the most amazing, thank you so much for sharing your review of Piper <3
    Also the song you wrote for the ladies at VIPS will live on in my heart until my last breath
    - probably the sweetest thing I have ever received, it made me smile it made me laugh and
    it warmed my heart beyond words. *(can I share the lyrics on here ?)

    xoxoxo - ms.Harvi

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    Yes of course you can sorry, I did not see this until now.

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    Piper is a sweetheart! She is cute, sexy, the perfect GFE!

    I had a great time with her, she knows how to listen and make you feel at easy with her. Hope I'm able to see her again, treat her well gentleman!

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    Here are the lyrics for HandyRap's song - lot of the girls have listend to it and LOVE IT!

    I got to thank Stevie G,
    For making me this beat,
    And I got to thank the ladies of the night,
    For treating Skinny P right,

    At the Sweet VIPs,
    If this is the first time you ever heard me spit,
    I hope this shit,
    Makes you lose your mind,
    ‘Cause girl you’re fine,
    And don’t let anybody define you,
    As just a girl,
    Because all the girls around the world,
    Make the world twirl,
    No matter what you do,
    No matter if you shake that ass for cash,
    If I had a sexy body like you,
    I would do that too boo,

    You see brothers with CP,
    As normal people literally,
    Most girls won’t even try the dick,
    And when we give it you, you’re like oh shit!

    I’m an intellectual guy,
    Sometimes I make people want to cry,
    I’m not one of those guys you got to fake for,
    I can listen to you too,
    Boo, so if you want to get to know me,
    Let someone know,
    Or if you like my rap and you want to come to a show,
    Let me know!

    oxoxox - Thanks for letting me share it <3 Ms.Harvi

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    I have to say reading the above Piper is so sweet I hope our schedules allow for a nice long date with luscious bouquets of Whole Foods roses and a good view... XOXO

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