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Thread: Victoria's Eden-- yet another new agency

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    Question Victoria's Eden-- yet another new agency

    Got a little info via email from them. Will probably try them out sometime in the next 2 weeks:


    Yes we are open for business on an outcall basis and limited incall basis. We will be moving to our new central location May 1st for both in/out call service.

    Our current Ladies are as follows:

    Melony - 24 yrs. athletic petite brown hair blue eyes. 5'2" 34c-24-32

    Autumn - 21 yrs. Outgoing bubbly. blonde hair brown eyes 5'6" 36c-24-34

    Layla - 20yrs. open minded brown hair beautiful brown eyes 5'6" 36c-25-35

    Lisa - 23 yrs. cute friendly brown hair hazel eyes. 5'4" 36c-24-34

    Anna - 24 yrs long legs . blonde hair green eyes 5'6" 34c-24-32

    We are currently interviewing new girls daily so check back with us often.

    Rates are:
    1/2 hour $110 / 1 hour $150 / 4 hours $550 / 8 hours $1000

    For local out calls add $20 for driver

    We will have our website up soon complete with pictures. Please dont hesitate to call for more info. 208-3572


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    wow! yer a fucking idiot!
    I think Victoria's Eden is an agency I reviewed last year. Then it was called Garden of Eden. If its a house near Mayfair mall then its the same one. Same old promises.

    Or it could be Kat's startup. (Katpurring)

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    There is a well established agency up here in Kelowna called Garden of Eden.They have been around the longest.If your ever up this way Hipster check it out.As I plan to check out some of the ladies you reviewed next time I am in Victoria..Hopefully before sunmmer.

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    wow! yer a fucking idiot!
    I dont think this Garden of Eden is affiliated with the one in Kelowna. If that were true then you'd see Kelowna girls working in Victoria and vice versa.

    Is LaJJ's still around? I read an article in the Vancouver Sun about teenage prostitution on the rise on Kelowna's streets. Is it true or hype?

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    LaJJ"s closed about 6 months ago here in kelowna.I am not sure if the one in Kamloops is still there. The problem with the one here in Kelowna was its location. It was right on the corner of Spall and the highway. Too high profile and too easy to get seen by friends and relatives going in there. I never checked it out for that reason.Thats mostly hype about teenage girls up here altho a 16year old got nailed by an offduty cop in vernon on the weekend. I guess she solicted the wrong guy.

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    Just for clarification - Victoria's Eden is currently doing OUTCALL ONLY.

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    Hi Victoria’s Eden here. I thought we could clear up some of the unknowns of our new escort service and provide some more info other than what has been posted above. Not that I think it makes a difference but we are not affiliated with any other agency in any way. We have been open for a few weeks and have moved into our new central location for full in/out call service starting May 1. Although we are not offering a lot of bells and whistles with our service, we are offering quality ladies in a simple, discrete, relaxed environment at comparable rates. This allows Victoria’s Eden to be a great addition to our city’s quality agencies as opposed to being direct competition. The more variety of services (and agencies) clients have to choose from, the happier we ALL are. We are lucky to have a great bunch of girls currently working for us who are not only sexy but also full of personality. We offer better than industry standard wages without raising our prices and are always looking for new girls that fit the bill. The Victoria’s Eden Website will be up soon complete with gallery and info. Have we peaked your interest? Give us a call 383 3641 or send us an email [email protected] . We look forward to meeting you

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    I thought the deep pink was kinda cute. heehee. Anyway our girls come from a variety of backgrounds. Some havent worked in a while and thought VE would be a pleasant place to get back into the business, some have worked with SE and CL etc... and we even have 2 girls totally new to the business; Anna our platinum long legged blonde who just started and Violet a hot little brunette starting tonight. VE is co-operated by a former Lady and our experienced girls have been very helpful with the creation of our new business. We are always fine tuning and as we value the input of our ladies, your input as clients is always welcome and appreciated.

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    Just wanted to let all the fellas know that VE's website is up! Check it out and let us know what you think. Kinda new at this web design stuff so....... Any suggestions? Requests? Hope to see you soon!

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    Hi Likepie,
    Thanks for the tips. We are looking in to that right now! All comments and suggestions are much appreciated! See you soon!

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    Heehee almost looks that way! Actually we are open to hiring ladies of all races, shapes and sizes but also look for personality and suitability to Victoria's Eden standands too. Quality over quantity. Anna is not our feature dancer but we will have her info up on our site soon! Check back often for updates. Reviews of our site and girls are always welcome. Thank you to those who have contacted us privately. Its always a pleasure.

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    What if Luscious is a man? That would be disappointing.

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    Heehee all this mystery! I must admit I kinda sat back to see where this would go. I am indeed female and trust me fellas you would adore my pink font if you knew me. You know, some of you might already know me This is fun! Anyways give us a call or send us an email sometime we would love to meet you! See you soon

    P.S. to IB: Being new is tough as we both know. Im impressed with how you handled your hecklers. Well done! Email us sometime if you like, Im sure we can trade some good stories!

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    Mr GSpot Wrote:
    There must be a C-cup minimum for a girl to make it into Victoria's Eden. Every girl seems to be a C-Cup.

    We now have an anomoly - Luscious has featured Pandora advertised with a "B" cup ---- lol

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    What's wrong with a B cup?? Ask anyone who has seen my B cup and they'll tell you how full and perky it is!!

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