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Thread: Laura @ SVIPís: Exquisitely Unique

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    Laura @ SVIPís: Exquisitely Unique

    Laura @ SVIPís: Exquisitely Unique

    Laura has both a demure demeanor and an idiosyncratic look. Together, they effortlessly lure you right over the edge of the precipice. Welcome to the rabbit hole..... it was certainly an interesting ride.

    Let me start at the beginning. It all started with Claire (VIPís phone lady) and my tepid inquiry into Laura attributes. Miss C assured me of Lauraís attractiveness and patiently answered my follow up queries to my full satisfaction (a good phone lady is truly worth her weight in gold).

    Claire really went the extra mile and it gave me the confidence to book a 1.5 hour GFE appointment. This investment turned out to pay handsomely. Personally, I feel that any less than 90 minutes with Laura would have been a shame & any less than 60 minutes a crime. You see, like fine wine Laura gets better with time.....

    Now onto the review:

    Laura may be the most difficult provider Iíve ever had to physically describe. I certainly couldnít utilize the typical conventional adjectives we all employ here on Perb. If I did I would no doubt fail to represent her true beauty. That being said, I do believe the term ďpuffiesĒ is one that is particularly apt, lol.

    Laura is from the Caribbean. Trust me, whatever youíre picturing right now in your head pales in comparison to what she actually looks like. This literally has a dual meanings as Laura is quite dark skinned.

    One of the first things youíll notice is Lauraís huge almond shaped eyes. They are simply amazing. Honestly, they would be right at home on a Japanese anime character. Her mixed heritage is evident with her full sumptuous lips contrasting with a thinly shaped nose capping off her exotic feature set.

    She is overall very petite but also just curvaceous enough in all the right places (puffies!). Laura greeted me in a tracksuit (I prefer to see providers in the clothes they arrived in as opposed to lingerie). It was a glorious adventure undressing her to reveal her small, yet shapley (and firm) ass.

    And her skin....flawless, soft yet supple to the touch. I mention this in particular because from a tactile perspective it tangibly added to the sessions enjoyment.

    As previously mentioned Laura is quite demure and soft spoken. She converses when engaged but will occasionally initiate conversation as well. While her accent is consistent with her West Indies origins, I found I could readily communicate with her at least 98% of the time.

    Laura was a pleasure to interact with, her shy disposition only serving to heighten her attractiveness.

    Slow your roll boys, Iím getting there! (Seabeast, Taz Man, WhoIsJohnGault and Nakanum..... I know you guys only skimmed the review this far and are starting to read from here.... go back and read it all from the beginning!... Shame on you! Lol)

    Although the menu is ďSafeĒ I found my time with her was extremely rewarding. As the session progressed her inhibitions slowly began to fall away (still safe though).

    Although not particularly vocal Laura enjoys sex, as was evidenced by a lack of need for external lubricant (YMMV). Laura was capably skilled orally and amendable to every ďkarma sutraĒ position that I could recall.

    I had the sense that Laura enjoyed our time together (and for me this is a pretty big turn on).

    In closing, Laura is the Premier Idiosyncratic Talent to Emerge from Victoria in a Very Long Time.


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    Hey Plow, I would only be doing myself a disservice to skim your reviews. LOL
    Itís because of you that Iím going to have to work a few extra years before I retire, but then again who wants to retire with the fun Iíve been having following your Recommendations and reviews. With significant portion of the industry all smoke and mirrors promising one thing and delivering nothing, it is so vital to be able to get great reviews and tips.
    I have to say these last few months ,Iíve not had a better group of providers, one after the other. Itís just been amazing.
    I have to agree as well And give kudos to the ladies who answer the phones At a number of the agencies Iíve been Hanging out at. They have definitely been guiding me in the right direction to make this some the most enjoyable time Iíve had . Unfortunately it has also been the most costly, LOL. Damn these girls get addictive. I remember when there was a time I went Looking for a provider from one every three months to three a week and dammit Iím now talking Sometimes three a day.
    Those who know me know, I am not trying to be prideful or brag ,itís just one has to step back every once in a while and get back into reality, LOL I must say though we are so fortunate here in Victoria to have places like sweet VIPís seduction unlimited and class choice. I have to give props to some of the ladies Iíve been so fortunate to have met up with And each had me walking away feeling like I never have before- great. Veronica, Arielle, Brooke,Tess,Bella,Willow,

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    Hey! I did read from the top! Been eyeing this beauty for a while now... thanks for the review plow

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    I forgot to reply with a thank you mr.Plow!

    As always you are a welcome guest in the VIPS pleasure palace - I always love seeing your grinning face on the way out after experiences like this,
    and you always bring a smile to ours when we read your fabulous reviews.
    Thanks for getting the good word out about this little lovely.

    xoxo - ms.Harvi

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