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Thread: 411-desiree & pandora

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    411-desiree & pandora

    anyone know where desiree and pandora from classy are these days....they are no longer on the website. I'm coming to victoria this week and after reading about the scene here for a couple of years my research indicated that these two ladies would be great and now they seem to be off the radar screen. Anyone have any other recommendations in the city for other sp's. daty is a must. thanks

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    Pandora's been mentioned in about fifteen different postings this week. Hit the search button and you'll find her.

    Desiree? Haven't seen anything on her. Including me.

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    Do a search. AlbertaBill has seen Desiree; Hipster Doofus and 2cums have seen Pandora. ---Moe

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    Re: Mac

    Originally posted by bigmoe69er
    Do a search. AlbertaBill has seen Desiree; Hipster Doofus and 2cums have seen Pandora. ---Moe
    i know about their services...what i am asking is that they are no longer on the classy website and i wonder where they are now working....that is my question. And then i asked, if they are not working anymore, who would be suitable substitutes. Sorry i wasn't clear the first time.

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    wow! yer a fucking idiot!
    Pandora can be reached at 388-6800. The new Island Beauty agency.

    Desiree can be reached at SU under her new name Bridgette

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    Desirae is now at IB, so is Pandora!!!!!!

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