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Thread: Monday Mag new laws

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    Angry Monday Mag new laws

    Today Monday mag announced their new draconian laws, further meant to alienate their biggest customer base, effective May 1 :

    SP's are no longer allowed to put their website in their ads because, and I quote "we (m mag) are in competition with websites". When I complained that that was a ridiculous statement, they had the nerve to suggest bcdarlings, as if they're being helpful. They are also not allowing any agency ads anymore, saying that every girl must now have her own ad. Which the agency will now charge each girl I bet, since it will double or triple their costs. It's going to look like the classified section... boring.

    Every year they pull some dumb- ass stunt to control and manipulate us - last year it was banning of all descriptive words such as erotic or eddible. I mean where do they get off? Is it like that commercial with a bunch of monkeys randomly hitting keys???? Monday rips off us girls more and more every year, overcharging us because we presumably make more money!! Living off the avails or what? Bastards!!

    The Westender in Vancouver is much better run, it costs half of what monday charges for more words. Ads for a roommate cost the same as an Ad for a SP. That's fair! How do I give them my business???

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    I understand... but

    It does negatively affect you men because you will now have to weed through 20+ Ads with the same phone number in a boring classified setting. But I do understand that there is nothing you men can do because there is nothing we girls can do either except complain about monopolies stifling competition to anyone who will listen (or advertise elsewhere and raise our rates?). I was hoping for some support from other SP's who come here who are also pissed at Monday, enough to sign a petition?? You men can sign my petition too! Or something? Any ideas appreciated!

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    Hello Massagegirl,
    The times colonist allows escort ads maybe if all sps placed thier ads there one or two weeks monday mag will change its rules back to "normal"
    enjoy your day

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    Sorry Massagegirl...

    y'know... in the Edmonton Sun, escorts are only allowed to put in the "name" "hair color" "ethnic background" "age" and "phone number" of the escort. Can't use any adjectives at all. Guys can't tell from one ad to the next if the gal is slender or full-figured, because even that is considered "suggestive". The ads are the most expensive ($500 per month) and offer the least in terms of description.

    Massage parlors, on the other hand, have a lot more "liberal" descriptions.

    Here's the thing though.. and this is why you shouldn't get a petition together in Vancouver. One day someone there is going to wake up and say Hey! These gals aren't advertising massages; they offer sexual services! " and if they ever do that (and trust me... stirring it up will cause someone to pay attention)... if they ever do that, you won't be able to advertise at all. Its the same as the guy who sells dope... word of mouth only, because you simply can't advertise something "criminal" for sale.

    so hang onto your panties... support Libby Davies' cause (and Mac Harb's) and hope that sooner, than later, the Federal Government removes solicitation and bawdy houses from the law books once and for all.

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    Why doesnt some one with some cash start another mag. make it for adults. lol then you can put what you want in it. lol thats all right im dreaming here and know it wont happen but its my opinion. thank god i live in canada were i can say my opinion. lol

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