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    read this now!

    Greetings everyone
    I am considering opening a new agency in town and want to offer something different from the usual experience. Does anyone have any reasonable suggestions as to what they would like to see offered or improved upon? No, there won't be any 18 yr old Swedish blonde virgins giving it away for free unfortunately, but any real requests would be welcome!
    Thanks all

    the Lady

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    Ladies that will allow video taping or pix to be taken during the appointment. (a bit of a longshot, I know)

    Locate yourselves in a larger condo/apartment complex. Makes for more discrete ingress/egress.

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    Regardless of age, make sure your girls are aggressive and confident enough to put a man at ease. The last thing we need is more of the "she just lies there" syndrome. ---Moe

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    I think that an agency can only be truly successful if the ladies are happy working there (realistcally) and the money that they make isn't cut in half by fees. Obviously if the sp's feel like they are finnancially rewarded fairly for the service they provide then it would be more likely that the service they provide will be enjoyable. Ideally they are paid enough but they have to pay out a large percentage to agencies which surely suffocates the feeling of satisfaction in earning a pretty penny.
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    Re: Marketing tips?

    Originally posted by gentleman
    How do we know you are not CL or SU or IB asking for marketing tips?
    As long we get better service who cares. In fact, its nice they ask for advice. The big thing is how much of the good stuff is implemented.

    - no cutting short on time (recent CL problem)
    - no false ad or pictures (kimmy problem)
    - open minded girls with good quatily of service (no lying syndrome as moe said)
    - one of the members should be picked at random to test drive new girls at half price and then post a review. (this is probably asking too much)

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    Thanx for all the response guys

    Inquiring minds want to know.......the Lady's escort experience.
    Let me reassure you gentlemen, I have done this before wink
    I know how important it is for the staff to feel valued and appreciated. Happy staff=happy clients
    And for the one who asked.........what is wrong with those agencies you mentioned looking for 'marketing tips'? I am not affiliated with them but it would seem to me that a smart business person would engage in a little 'market research' in order to better offer the consumer what they actually want. That is exactly what I am doing right now, researching my future customers needs & wants.
    Thanks everyone for your input, keep the suggestions coming!

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    A few tips.Reasonable prices,friendly girls, no switch and bait,when you pay for an hour it means an hour and if you can get msog in that hour it should be the norm.Also if someones into duos have girls that are fully interactive with each other.Seem like simple requests?? I think so but from a guy whos been around a long time I know that most agencies can't seem to fullfill these requests. Good luck with your new agency.

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    Smile I suggest...

    you give me a VIP pass with a 50% discount and a six pack of Hieneken for every session.

    I promise I will give you glowing reviews.


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    Clean, enthusiastic girls who match the description on their card. Girls who're as open-minded as they're said to be. A full hour of service. A clean location. Value for the money. No waiting more than 10 minutes for a girl, and not having to end up paying for the wait because the girl is booked in the next hour.

    And giving the girls enough time between appointments to clean up and get a rest.

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