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    Unhappy S A R S

    Seeing as how the asians are big time into this hobby, just like the hindu kids with their camaro's & mustangs, this is not good.

    SARS is not a std, transmitted more like the flu, I wonder about putting this hobby on hold for now. I mostly window shop anyway and gave up on the $200/hr ho's, but I still like to go for a ride around the old parcely patch now and then.

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    SARS Has Hamster On Hold

    Due to the outbreak of SARS, which seems to be spreading like wild fire, the Hamster is taking another pooning Hiatus. It seems that alot of asians do enjoy pooning, so SP's and their clients are high risk in my opinion. So the Hamster will have to live vicariously through other pooners and some really kickass porn vids from the net.
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    No racism!

    2Cums SARS orginated in the orient and the large majority of cases exist there...How is that racist?
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    2cums its not racism there is a need to take precaution. SARS originated in Asia, and there hardest hit.
    Another 125 cases have been reported in China.
    China orderd all schools closed for 2 weeks. In Beijing they closed a hospital, there are 2000 employees under observation.
    World Health Organization (WHO) is telling everyone to stay away from Toronto as well.
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    Just food for thought...

    1) true that the initial index cases were asian, but if you look at the thousands of people quarantined in ON, it is a mix of races. It has spread beyond just the asian community, so avoiding asian SP or any asians for that matter may lead to false sense of security. If you look at the 16 deaths in ON due to SARS, less than 1/2 of them were asian.

    2) although it may be prudent to tone down the hobby for now, SARS is here to stay, just like TB and influenza.
    3) fear and paranoid is speading faster than SARS itself (remember the fear of anthrax in the mail and working in high buildings post 9/11 - anyone still think about this anymore)?

    Here is a good article in the National Post about the odds of contracting SARS.

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    So true Yuppie.

    AIDS --- was classified at one time as a "Disease of The Gays." In its early infancy (early80s) only gay men were getting sick. Of course that was then, this is now. Anyone can contact that disease if they don't take precautions.

    The start of SARS was in Hong Kong & Vietnam. If your Asain, you'll get the brunt of "ya got the disease?" But as we know disease holds no boundarys, and as it spreads it will not matter who you are.

    I think it would be ignorant to avoid Asain SPs altogether, because there clientel shouldn't be any different than any other Sp. (some variances may occur)
    Now if you were to here about a new girl that just started, and she just arrived from Beijing, you might go hmmmm.

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    SARS was in Guangzhou in November.

    That is correct. If you do a search on the was hidden from the general's worrisome when you think about it, considering Guangzhou is one of the more prominent provinces of China...
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    Ok guys i toke my information from CBC own website. Here it is:

    Where did SARS originate?

    WHO has reported hundreds of cases in Hong Kong and Vietnam since February. An outbreak of pneumonia with similar symptoms struck Guangdong province in China last November, and was brought under control in mid-February.

    So a similiar disease occured in Guangdong in November, and it was brought under control, but it was not SARS.

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    That CBC website is wrong.
    Well it maybe wrong, i'm only stating what the site has on its web page. That info has been on CBC's website for three or four days. Shouldn't the powers that be at CBC no the accuracy of the information by now?

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    CBC stands corrected, and has lack luster information on there website. The real story.

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    You know, I personally don't think SARS is that big of a concern... If you really think about it, for example, Hong Kong's got millions of people in it and the # of SARS cases was around 1000... so if you calculate, the chances of infection is slim.. kinda like winning the lottery... but I guess people don't want to be THE LUCKY ONE that's getting it...

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    THE LUCKY ONE that's getting it...
    You mean UNLUCKY ONE. It can kill you.

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    Re: Low estimate.

    [i]Sars seems to be coming in at 6% to 16%. Where the hell is that detection test they promised us????
    It is scary that the mortality rate of SARS seems to be increasing. What really is scaring health professionals is that 44 year old healthy adult who died.

    In terms of a detection test, even if one does come out soon, there is huge controversy about how accurate it is. The test is based on detecting the coronavirus, but some opponents say that the coronavirus was present in only about 40% of SARS patients.

    And even if this diagnostic test does come out, it won't really change the course of treatment per say. Right now, if you are a suspect case, they quarantine you. If you have the supposed SARS test confirming you are SARS positive, they'd quarantine you anyways. Much like all other viruses (inflluenza, HIV), there is no cure.

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