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Thread: Vanessa Rivera - Oct. 21-26

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    Vanessa Rivera - Oct. 21-26

    Went to see Vanessa Rivera.

    I have some good info but since I did not ask to review interested people can drop me a PM for details.

    Overall Iíll say that the old saying of sticking with reputable locals makes good sense.

    7/10 overall.

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    I see where the handle comes from.
    Is this a review page or a pm me page?

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    umm, this is a review board, you don't need the lady's permission to review.

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    Saw Vanessa this afternoon for an hour. The pictures on her ad are certainly her. No tattoos, smooth tanned skin and an amazing ass. She was fit with a pretty face.

    Overall I had a good time and would recommend. The only thing that could have been better was that she was very chatty. I felt like if I didn't take charge to move things forward she would have sat and talked our precious time away. Flip side of that coin is we were both at ease in no time and ready for the fun.... and fun it was!


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    Could you share $$ SH

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    Does anyone know if she offers outcalls. The ad does not mention it specifically.

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    She does not offer outcalls!

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    Quote Originally Posted by themainmanwpg View Post
    She does not offer outcalls!
    That’s a shame. Thanks

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    I went seen her on the last day she was here and wow she is absolutely gorgeous with the nicest ass I have ever seen, it’s so plump and juicy. Overall her body was amazing and she had a very beautiful face as well, I enjoyed chatting with her and getting to know her briefly before our session began. I can’t wait for her to return so I can see her again and make some more wonderful memories.

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    The main reason I gave an average overall rating boils down to two reasons.

    1) some of the photos in the ad and the description are not accurate.
    2) I was sent a text with an extensive menu and even clarified what I was interested in doing in advance based on the menu. Not only was the menu not delivered but I was in and out in under 20 minutes without so much as a hot towel.

    Does any of this matter? Not if you werenít expecting it. If youíre led to expect it, which was the case, then thatís just bad customer service.

    I donít like to post something negative. For the sake of the members requesting, there you are.

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    I thought her photos were accurate but she looks much hotter in person. Sometimes sps and ppl just don’t click It’s hard to give everyone the exact same experience unless ur in west world lol

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    I saw her in July 2016. She was with BLE then and I believe she still is. I haven't seen her since, but the experience was memorable in a great way. At the time she looked even better than her pro pictures portray her.

    As I said, I have not seen her since but I don't think her selfies are doing her justice unless she has changed.

    It's all moot now, she has left.
    Even though there are days I wish I could change some things that happened in the past, thereís a reason the rear view mirror is so small and the windshield is so big, where youíre headed is much more important than what youíve left behind.

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    I thought she looked way hotter in person too her photos just didn’t do her justice. They are nice photos but even her breasts looked a little more enhanced in person, not to big or to small but just perfect. Maybe that’s part of why I had such a great time it’s always nice when u see a girl who is even hotter in person because that never happens it’s always the opposite.

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