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Thread: Classy Ladies, Seduction Unlimited and Island Beauties?

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    Classy Ladies, Seduction Unlimited and Island Beauties?

    I was skimming the Monday Magazine today, and I noticed an add for "Island Beauties" (might have that a bit off, I don't have the mag handy right now). Female operated, looking for girls. Maybe we're about to get some more competition here.

    Classy Ladies seems to be getting worse. Was there not to long ago... power's been cut off to their location and it's not being kept very clean at all. Lots of girls are leaving. Normally, I'd try to defend them (I've had good experiences there), but I don't know that I can now.

    Noticed that Celeste, Regan, Harmony, Nina, and Bridgitte didn't appear on the SU schedule for this week. Vacations or have we lost a few of the better providers in town?

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    Island Beauties

    Actually a lot of time and efoort has been put into this agency already. It definitely shows in the place itself. They are completely legal and done eveything straight across the table. I think they have good thing going on over there, time is what is needed really. They fresh new ideas and are working full force to implement them into their agency. As we all know it does take time to start up a new agency, the great thing to know is they are willing to put in. Just wait and see what happens, I think we will all be surprises. Pandora is working there and the room they have is unbelievable. bed suspended from the ceiling and decorated in a jungle type theme. Very tasteful, front office; the location is very discreet. Lots of parking no deals with neighbours that I can see. There is a room being built as we speak, two more on the way. This place is really cool! Go check Pandora out, you will definitely be surprised.

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    I saw this website and wondered just how they are fitting into the mix.

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