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Thread: Bex vs Seoul?

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    Bex vs Seoul?

    Anyone care to give their two cents as to which they prefer? Personally, I've never been able to crack a Korean girl before...& I almost could've dated one...but that was years ago...when I was much more näive. But, that's besides the point...

    Thanks for your time...
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    well.. that's a mood point right now since I believe Seoul is closed till May...

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    if you can hack the drive

    I believe he means m-o-o-t point which by now is also moot. If
    you're up for a drive Swan Lake in Richmond is a decent AMP. The
    room fee is reasonable and any of the girls I have seen are very
    negotiable. I quite like the girl who is often up at the front, I think
    her name is Tina. She always smells nice and is game for most of the standard stuff. Just a thought.

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    Where is Swan Lake? Got a phone #?

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