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Thread: Canucks vs. Wild

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    Talking Canucks vs. Wild

    Blues, Red Wings, Avalanche and Maple Laffs. That is nearly $240 million in payroll. Add in the Dangers, and it is more than $300 million. The Wild and Canucks were COMBINED less than any of the teams above.

    See, there is a BIG difference between cost and service!

    Think of the Rangers at STouch. You guys decide who the others are.

    Now, can Naslund score on Fernadez?

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    The highest paid player on the Wild is Cliff Ronning. If he played for the Avalanche he would be ranked 8 th in pay.

    The real Vancouver killer on the wild is Gaborik. 23 years old and awesome. I don't know his point total for the season against the Canucks but its up there.
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    Cool Gee willikers!

    Jumpin jehosaphats, golly gee willikers! Did you see the old fashioned body check Bertuzzi leveled on Salvador. Almost sent him back to Brandon. Did ya guys see the cool Bertuzzi gatorade commercial, i'm lookin' for a link .

    P.S. Ronning played for Vancouver from 90' to 96

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    hornyhunk i played alot of rec hockey with Ronning when he was playing for the NEW WESTMINISTER BRUINS. He was always looking for ice time. You watch him play, and you want to compare him with this guy or that.

    Hes darn good, and thats why...after so many years ............ hes still playing.

    By the way i love the flamingtext look. To bad Fred won't allow it 'cause it slows bandwidth.

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    wow! yer a fucking idiot!
    LOL - mixing hockey and pooning! We must be Canadian eh?

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    We must be Canadian eh?
    HD almost, there was no mention of beer.

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    Talking Jumping GeeWilliakers - GET ME A TELESTRATER...AND QUICK!


    It was like a hoop around a barrel son, like a hoop around a barrel. Gee Willikers those young guns were somethin', weren't they?!

    Kev, Cliffy was indeed a rink rat as a kid playing for the NW Bruins. Remember some of those teams prior to Cliff? Barry Beck, Brad Maxwell (7th Game goal at Pacific Coliseum to win Memorial Cup----sweet!). Remember the sieve they would cast out onto the ice in old Memorial Gardens?

    HD. Hockey, Beer, Hookers - WHAT could be more Canadian?!
    Howie sees playoffs as time for all three of these great Canadian pastimes.

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    HAHAHAHAH see ya Minnasota.

    Canucks 4 --- Wild 3 in overtime.

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    I think the Sedin's have elevated their game (finally), and that earns them a few cross checks or some lumber in the chops.
    But the Canucks have to start playing their game and not let themselves be lulled into shinny with the wild. There is some serious talent that can put the puck in the net if they're allowed to stayon their feet, Cliff Ronning comes to mind in that department.

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    If any of you were at the game...

    a Minnesota Wild fan (wearing a Minnesota jersey) got punched unconscious after the game.

    In other related news, it would have sucked if Todd Bertuzzi would have gotten 2 game misconducts...& as much as it was cool to see Matt Cooke slash Brad wouldn't have been cool to see them scrap...sorry Cooke...he would have most likely gotten his ass beat.
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    Perhaps if their team had acted as sportsmen instead of trying to start a 19 on 6 brawl after the game..........

    We sat near a few Wild fans, who were wearing their gear. Like the Ranger's fans that I met in '94, they were a pretty decent bunch. What's the bet on the punchees and the punchers having spent a good chunk of the night at the beer stand?

    But really, when are the Canucks gonna wake up here? They are playing against a very good hockey team and, if they don't pick it up, we're gonna be watching a Wild - Ducks western final. Yippee-aye-f##kin' eh! Wouldn't that be a snoozer?

    Not to say that we will win if we do pick it up, but we won't if we don't!

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    Someone has got to kill Gaborik and Walz. Those guys are killing the Canucks. Not that i'm and advocate for violence.

    Like the face painter from the Seinfeld episode says, "GOT TO SUPPORT THE TEAM"

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    Fedorov right now is honing his skills with the Moose. Next year he easly could be back in the line up. Some guys take a little longer to mature.
    We got to give the Wild credit. They came back six times in two series to get to the third round. Quit the feat when you think about it. Oh well theres always next year.

    Jay Bouwmeester who competed for Canada at the World Championships, won Best Defenceman in the tournament, hes only 19 years old. Thats young age for someone to have things figured out at such an elite level. Canada got Gold there by the way, in overtime against Sweden.
    Congrats to Canada.

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