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Thread: urgent advise needed

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    urgent advise needed


    i went to a hotel room with low track girl,she looked ok till she was undressed,
    there was many rounded scares (like 10 cents coin) in her body,
    i didnot bang her but she kissed my lips several times.

    any idea what is the disease causing these scares? AND IS IT STD?


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    my guess is ringworm.

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    Probably fully blown!

    Sounds like fully blown AIDS to the Hamster. You'll be okay...but I think you should stay away from the low track for good!
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    I heard the only cure was self-castration. Any rusty knife will do.

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    NIGOR, you're probably OK (this time)

    NIGOR...and I only do this for ethical reasons...don't freak but consider a round of a good tetracycline for a couple of weeks and make sure your Hep shots are up to date.

    It is not as bad as some are making it sound but caution makes sense. Whatever you do, take a break for a bit and don't go spreading anything.

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    1st & foremost...

    go to a doctor...even a walk-in clinic. Not only do you not want yourself to get sick...out of good conscience should not want others to get sick as well...& I do agree with HowieMeeker...I don't remember off-hand, but one of the hepatitis's is related to STDs.
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    not fully blown

    hamester, i dont think its aids,she was healthy and active!

    even if it was aids ,do u think it can be transmited through lip kiss?

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    You shouldn't be concerned. Those are cigarette burns administered by her pimp. Pity really, but it's part of the business.

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    hey 2cum,

    what is BB,can u tell me pls!

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    nigro, my advice is this: After you are sure you are in good health
    get together $125 - $200 by whatever means possible; collect pop bottles, advance on your allowance, lemonade stand , raffle
    tickets, whatever it takes. Then get yourself a decent, clean incall
    outcall or MP. Do it now! Right now! Good luck and let's hope it has a happy ending!!

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    Take Kehoe's advice. The tracks were pretty ok years ago, but nowadays (especially low track) you are asking for it.

    And if the SW turns out for the worse (eg, in your case), just bail - even if you lose the money. That is part of the risks of cruizing.

    One time, I picked up this cute looking brunnette in mid track (in her early 20's), looked absolutely fine. But when we started driving towards a hotel, she just starting coughing and hacking her brains out. This was a very bad sign (pneumonia? TB?). I tried to bail, but she said "a deal is a deal" and I knew I couldn't get out of this one (she wouldn't get out of the car). So in the end, I dropped her off at the hotel with the agreed upon 1 red before I picked her up and off I went. Yup, I was p^%&ss that I lost the red, but I don't know what the heck she had.

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    bb = her url? Do SW's have websites?
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