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Thread: is this roxxxanna???

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    is this roxxxanna???

    hi everyone im a newbie but i was surffing the net and found this page with the same pics of roxxxanna. i was woundering has anyone seen her are the pics her or did this provider just copy the pics.

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    That looks fishy...

    because this website is also advertised on, ,

    basically it seems like the Bangbus guys...
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    That's Roxxxana. Great set of tits but real low milage. She lets you touch 'em (and they're natural), but not really get into 'em. All kinds of other restrictions. She does give FS, but afterwards you're left wondering how the hell she did that without ever touching you.

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    Red face Yes, she looks good . . . BUT

    I am new to this . . . and even as a humble rookie who took one for the team . . . she is about as shallow as those 2-dimensional pictures.

    Basically, even with the cleanest dude on the planet . . . Rox is all boundaries and limitations and rules. Its a little like going to play-school and spending all your time sitting in the corner wondering what went wrong.

    So enjoy the pictures my friends . . . but spend your hard earned dollars on some other tight little hottie. Honestly . . . thats just my 2 bits (2 browns and a red bits).

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    this board is great, i just saved some big $$$

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    Is this girl east indian??

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    I don't think "iamkennie" is dissing East Indian girls. Are you "iamkennie"? I think he/she just asked an honest non-prejudicial question...

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    Oh my gaek! I think I saw this lady at my tanning salon!!!! in Kits. She was coming out of one of the stand up booths.....

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