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Thread: newbie F w/GFE question...

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    Question newbie F w/GFE question...

    I'm a 25 yr old in a committed relationship. My man has recently given me the the A-OK to pursue my Bi curiosity. Are there escorts out there that anyone knows of that are available for some clean, respectful (read: GFE) girl on girl action? I can prob. get girls in bars who wouyld be into this - however, I find a lot of them to be a little skanky. I want someone a little older, a little wiser and a little forward... kinda like a 'Miss Kitty' type character. Pretty, mature and NOT FAKE. Can anyone help me out with some advice? I don't even know what I can expect to pay, or what I would get for my money... Thanking you in advance...

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    PM (private message) me & I'll try to help you out...lucky you...I wouldn't be on this board if I was in a committed relationship...but alas, I'm not...
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