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Thread: Any info +1 (403) 477-3275

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    Any info +1 (403) 477-3275

    Massage in Richmond
    Says she's Hawaiian

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    Late forties - Early fifties. She's from Calgary, but is here often, and has worked out of Simones place (Coquitlam) in the past, which is where I saw her. Very friendly women, (I recall her name being Trish at the time) and she can talk, and talk, and talk. She sells the massage as best thing since sliced bread, but I just found it to be 'okay'. Some of the pics she posts are from 5-10 years ago, but a few are current from the looks of it. She's a little on the heavy side w/ large fun bags. She allows you to respectfully touch, and HE is available. YMMV. My only word of caution would be to agree on a price with her before the session begins, otherwise she will surprise you with what she asks for at the end of the session - more than expected. Otherwise, the studio was clean, fresh towels, sheets, etc...

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    Thx!!! For the info

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    She quoted me 120 for one hour with topless HJ. Definitely no BJ but she did suggest totally nude was an option for more $.
    She is working out of a hotel in Richmond.

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