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    Connie 7277

    Anyone spent time with Yuki's friend Connie who recently arrived. Earlier posts are a little unclear, perhaps because YMMV. Is she as good, or at least very similar to the Yuki experience ?
    Not to concerned about her English. It's not stimulating conversation that I might be visiting for .

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    Just visited Yuki, from out of town and saw here last summer. She's good and fairly genuine. I saw Connie and she looked interesting, a little shorter, was wearing a robe so didn't see much. But I was considering a visit. Don't know if her English is any better then Yuki's.

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    If it is the same Connie that was here in the spring, she's more petite than Yuki and has some pretty hard and awkward looking fakies. English is not great but service is similar to Yuki's. I wouldn't repeat if Yuki and her great naturals are an option.

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    I saw connie last night, she responded to my text as yuki, when I got there no sign of yuki. connie suffers by comparison to yuki.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jettyby View Post
    I saw connie last night, she responded to my text as yuki, when I got there no sign of yuki. connie suffers by comparison to yuki.
    In what way, if you do not mind me asking ? Is she not worth a try, or ? I am always on the lookout for new Asian SP's.

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    like the comment above, breasts are rock hard and she is sweet and pretty but doesn't have yuki's sexiness. The massage was good and in general she is good , just not up to yuki's level, imho.

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    I would not repeat . Massage and sex was no comparison to Yuki

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    I saw her in the spring. Here's the review:
    Recently I booked with Yuki but Connie answered the door and Yuki wasn't there. I wouldn't say she didn't have some immediate sex appeal standing at the doorway in a gauzy nightie, but expecting a session with Yuki I knew I'd be disappointed and I left.
    Basically she gives about the same level of service as the Asian SPs in Vic that use bait and switch pictures: not much for massage and little more than tolerance (in my experience) as far as sex goes.

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    I went to go check out Connie and was greeted by a petite lady with a sexy red skirt and high heels (Very Happy!!!).

    Her massage is super professional, she's really strong and can give a fantastic deep tissue massage... She even got rid of my hangover/headache...Stoked!!!

    Her bod is pretty hot too, nice hour glass shape and perky tits... Will repeat again!

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