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Thread: Does A Dramatic Hair Style Change Of Your Favorite Lady, Alter Her Sex Appeal ?

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    Does A Dramatic Hair Style Change Of Your Favorite Lady, Alter Her Sex Appeal ?

    Men are supposedly very visual Creatures ?

    I'm curious, if You showed up at your favorite Lady's door, who You hadn't seen in a While . And when She opened the Door, she looked dramatically different, from the many times You had seen her before .

    Would that change her Sex Appeal, and your Desire ?

    I'm referring, to all the possibilities ?

    Your favorite Blonde, has decided to go Jet-Black ?
    Your favorite Brunette, has decided to give Green a try ?
    The Woman, You loved running your Fingers through her long soft Hair, has decided to go "Short & Sassy" ?

    I'm not sure, how I'd feel about this sort of Surprise ?

    It may be a short-term Situation ?
    She may have Shaved her Head, in support of a close Friend, or a Family member who's battling Cancer ?

    There are many reasons, why any of Us take dramatic Steps in Life, to switch Things up ?

    Would this change your Perception of the Experience, with the same Woman, You've experienced great Memories with in the Past ?

    I'll use Natalie Portman as our example Model .
    She, IMO, has somewhat of a GND look ?
    She's beautiful, no matter, how She choses to wear her Hair !

    But, Hair definitely impacts her Look, and possibly her Sex Appeal ?

    Just curious, if It's a "Game Changer" ?

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    My ATF drastically changed her hair and I didn't think I was going to like it, but now I think it's even sexier! (plus it's like a new lady)

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    Yes hair style would change her sex apply

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